DIY Auto Burglary Alarm Circuit Diagram Using Reed Switch


Security alarms for your home, car and other properties is needed to protect and boost your property investment and a value for your insurance security.

What is auto buglary alarm?

Auto burglar alarm is an electronic device installed in the residential home, commercial business, military and industrial properties for the security pupose to detect unauthorized entry or intrusion into a building or other area that will sound the alarm when there is an intruder to the system.

How it works?

1. The dome light current through L1 closes reed switch and sounds alarm.

2.Shaker switch will also activates alarm.

DIY Car Vehicle Security System Design Circuit Diagram


Protecting your vehicle, car stereo and other belongings inside the car are all excellent reasons to design and build your own basic vehicle security system.

Car alarm security system instruction

This circuit shows an alarm that gives you a 15-20 second exit and entrance delay.

The alarm will sound for about five minutes once the switch S1 been triggered.

Some of the component used

2N2222A transistor , diode, relay and switch

What is vehicle security system or car anti theft system?

A vehicle alarm security system is an electronic device that can be used to prevent the unauthorized person or theft of the vehicle or its content.

DIY Home Security Monitor System Circuit Diagram


Home security systems is an idea basic principle of securing entry points, like doors and windows, computers, jewelery, dangerous item and others luxury collections as keeping it safe and secure is a top priority of many homeowners.

Converter circuit 12Vdc to 24Vdc


This converter circuit shows a DC-DC converter that converting up 12Vdc source to a 24Vdc. It can be used to run radios, small lights, relays, horns and other 24V accessories from a 12V vehicle with a maximum draw of about 800mA.

Circuit Diagram Automatic Headlight Schematic Board


Circuit Diagram Automatic Headlight Schematic Board

This circuit shows the timing capacitor C1 charges to 12 V and turns on transistor Q1, which drives power transistor Q2 into conduction.

555 Timer Circuit Diagram Police Siren


555 Timer Circuit Diagram Police Siren

This 555 timer police siren schematic diagram use 2 555 timer to produce an up-down wailing sound.

The first 555 is wired as a low-frequency oscillator to control the VOLTAGE CONTROL pin 5 of the second 555. The voltage shift on pin 5 causes the frequency of the second oscillator to rise and fall.

24 volt dc power supply circuit diagram schematic

24-volt-dc-power-supply-circuit-diagram-schematic24 volt dc power supply circuit diagram schematic

This circuit shows how to build your own 24 vdc power supply with 2 A (ampere) current. The transformer of TR1 lowering the voltage of 230V with 24V secondary voltage on a transformer.