Audio power amplifier circuit- 140 W


Audio power amplifier circuit- 140 W

What is the use of audio power amplifier for?

An audio power amplifier used to mixed a different type of audio signal from both musical instrument amplifier or home audio systems and create sound reinforcement system—audible to listeners.

Audio power amplifiers is the final electronic phase for the purpose to strengthens low power and inaudible electronic audio signals to loudspeakers.

This simple schematic shows a 140W Audio power amplifier circuit by using 2N3569, 2N3055, MPS6533, 2N4355.

To reduce excess heat in the transistors you must use heatsink to control the transistor heat.


Mike Houghton said...

140W? From 30v sply. 140W peak? With 30v you might get 50W RMS if you're lucky.

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