Audio Stereo Power Amp Circuit 50W


Audio Stereo Power Amp Circuit 50W
This is a 50 Watt Audio AF power amplifier (Split Power Supply) circuit based single Thick Film Hybrid IC STK4036II. Use heatsink to prevent overheating on the IC.



The amplifier circuit will give you good quality of sound unexpensive and have low price. Below is a package for power amplifier STK4036II with heat sink.

It is easy we make a power amplifier using only few external components. The STK4036II amplifier are will find in enough eponymous stereo amplifiers , but also in enough activety loudspeakers.

STK4036II Power Amplifier circuit features:
Compact package for thin-type audio sets
Member of pin-compatible series with outputs of 20 to 200W
Easy heatsink design to disperse heat generated in thintype stereo sets
Constant-current circuit to reduce supply switch-on and switch-off shock noise
External supply switch-on and switch-off shock noise muting, load short-circuit protection, thermal shutdown and other circuits can be tailor-designed.