TV amplifier with transistors

This schematics shows an actual simple cable TV amplifier with two transistors. Transistor T1 performs the job of amplification. Up to 20dB accretion can be accepted from the circuit.T2 is active as an emitter addict to access accepted gain. This amplifier is aacceptable for cable TV systems application 75 Ohm coaxial cables and works accomplished up to 150MHz. 

LED with 220v supply circuit diagram


The circuit for LED with 220v power supply used a capacitor and a resistor to turn on a LED. 

It also used a 104 pf of 400/600 volt having a 1 mega ohms connected to pf's  both leg which means it's  parallel to pf. 

This circuit can turn on a led but sometime a surge can damage the LED. 

Circuit of car additional light


This schematic shows car light circuit by using 555 timer. The 555 timer used to turn on and off the light. The timer can connect the set trigger with + output  from central lock open motors, and reset just connect with + output central lock close. You must put the output from alarm system.

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