Audio Circuit–Intercom Link Directories

Here are the link directories of best intercom audio circuit project available around the net.

1. 4-Way Intercom Schematic - The Link telephone intercom is designed around two ICs.

2. Simple intercom schematic - The 8 ohm speakers is used as microphone and listening speaker.

3. Homemade Intercom Schematic - Circuit suggestions for the Stereo Intercom.

4. Full-duplex Intercom - This design allows to operate two intercom stations leaving the operator free of using his/her hands in some other occupation, thus avoiding the usual "push-to-talk" operation mode.

5. Use old phones as an intercom - This circuit will show how to use old phone as intercom.

6. I.F.B Intercom circuit - Very useful type of intercom circuit.

7. Intercom preamp - A very convenient way of making an intercom is to use a loudspeaker as a microphone.

8. Op-amp as an audio amplifier for a simple intercom - A small 8 ohm speaker is used as a microphone which is coupled to the op-amp input through a 0.1uF capacitor

9. Low-cost Transistorised Intercom - The circuit comprises a 3-stage resistor-capacitor coupled amplifier.

10. Practical Intercom - This Intercom is powered by two 9volt batteries and uses only current when the Intercom is used.

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